How do we work?

Sexualberatung Our approach and methods

The body is the focus of our sexual consulting work and therapy. We include a range of body-oriented practices which are, amongst others, based on the methods of Joe Kramer’s Sexological Bodywork, Jean-Yves Desjardins’ concept of Sexocorporel and our own long-standing experience in various kinds of massage.

Intensive reflective talks accompany this practical work. These help you understand your new bodily experiences and permanently integrate all of the things you have discovered about your body’s reactions in your daily life. Step by step, you create a kind of internal somatic-emotional map that will guide you on your sensual explorations and strengthen your sexual self-confidence.

The first one-hour interview with us is always free. It’s meant to get to know each other, clarify the basic situation and give you an introduction into how we work. If you feel comfortable with our approach we are happy to schedule the next sessions with you.

Next, we sort out the details of your current situation. We are trying to find out how you subjectively experience your sexuality and explain to you as much you’d like to know about female and male sexuality. Part of this can be to understand your gender self-image as a man or woman. Subsequently, we will work out together solutions that can help make positive changes. Finally we support you in using these techniques so that you can achieve your goals step by step and bring about lasting improvements.

Here is a closer look at two of our most important methods that can help you with this:

1. Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a form of somatic bodywork. It tells us that the mind-body division, which is so predominant in our culture, doesn’t have to be made this way – and that this division might even cause a range of issues on the bodily level. Sexological bodywork wants to bring together what belongs together. Our body and mind are one, and in many cases, we can have a better life if we rely on the knowledge of our bodies.

2. The approach of Sexocorporel

Taking his scientific and clinical work as a starting point, the sexual researcher Jean-Yves Desjardins developed his own model of sexual development and functionality in the late 1980s. This model takes into account various interdependent factors that, taken as a whole, determine the development of human sexuality. But Sexocorporel isn’t a purely descriptive model. It also helps in solving individual sexual questions and problems.